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"Necessity is the mother of invention" and NASIC was formed in response to a number of pressing requirements within the security industry.

NASIC provides an association of independent companies that you can trust to design, install and maintain systems to the highest industry standards. The member companies have been selected for their established local reputations, their commitment to quality and the ability to provide a wide range of services.

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All our companies have NSI Gold accreditation, which is the very highest level of recognition from the UK specialist certification body.
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From the Customer's Point of View

It really is a case of the best of both worlds. Local service run by highly motivated independent businessmen on a national level. No national company has our breadth of cover with over 30 companies many of whom have more than one trading address. Our purchasing agreements mean that we can take on the largest of national companies on a equal footing. The group does not have a dedicated sales force as each company employs its own sales force. This means the client can chose how they want their branches serviced; either by one member company and that company will be responsible for billing and administration or directly with all the companies and still have the same specification installed to the same standards.

All our companies have NSI Gold accreditation. They cover a variety of disciplines but all install and service; burglar alarms, CCTV, fire alarms and access control. Many of them also provide locksmithing services and a variety of other associated product ranges. Our members provide an unrivalled geographical coverage with the very best service levels. All our members provide a monitored and externally audited 4 hour response. They also have substantial labour and skill resources to provide in depth technical advice as well as the ability to implement large national contracts. Our ability to split a contract between several members means that we can reduce lead times for our clients.

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From the Member's Point of View

As the member companies have grown successfully in their own areas to become the market leader in respect of accreditations, performance and customer satisfaction, they then have a number of issues.

Our companies employ excellent staff but we have to compete with cheaper small companies who copy our products using cheaper labour to install them, and also national companies that have better buying power. The group with a turnover just under £80,000,000 now has substantial buying power which we can pass on to our clients. Also as the companies are geographically spread out and not in direct competition with each other, the quarterly NASIC meetings are a great forum for a frank and honest exchange of views. The group is the oldest, largest and most stable of the buying groups that have emerged since our foundation.

Our group exists to provide fair trading advantages out of mutual support for the benefit and satisfaction of our client base. Membership is restricted and unfortunately the group has to turn down a number of applicants every year as they may not have the correct trading history, financial backing or required accreditations.

From the Supplier's Point of View

The group provides instant nation coverage with the established local market leaders. Especially when dealing with more technical products, the expertise within the group is an unrivalled resource.