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Dual equipped CCTV - fire detection combined with intrusion detection
Hikvision is the world's leading innovator of CCTV surveillance products. Working closely with NASIC, our members are able to utilise the very latest technology and offer our clients superior technical support.
New Release for 2019
With the release of the new Thermal Bi-spectrum Deep Learning Turret Camera, we are able to bring enhanced capabilities to combine surveillance with indoor fire detection, all from one camera. Whilst a system such as this should never replace a dedicated fire system, it is an excellent early-warning system able to capture and report temperature anomalies.
Hikvision Thermal CCTV
Hikvision Thermal Cameras
How does it work?
Bi-spectrum image technology allows the cameras to capture images using both visible light and infrared light at once.

The technology displays a picture-in-picture preview as well as image fusion, allowing the end user to identify exactly what caused the alarm and help personnel to check the situation quickly without error.
Thermal CCTV Cameras
Thermal CCTV
Temperature Anomaly

The new cameras feature a reliable temperature anomaly alarm - which is triggered when part of the scene reaches a user-set limit. If reached, the camera can trigger a visual pre-warning alarm and alert safety personnel to eliminate fire risk before the temperature escalates or causes combustion.

We see this technology most effective in areas where it is prohibited to smoke, such as shopping centres or in more serious environments such as warehouses or workplaces that deal with extremely flammable materials. Through effective alarms and staff procedures, fire risk can be dealt with before ignition.

Deep Learning Included

In addition to the new thermal ability, the camera continues to offer a built-in GPU packed with Hikvisions renowned deep-learning algorithm. Alongside the thermal surveillance, the cameras can also work proactively to help detect intrusion.

Deep-learning works in the background to reduce false alarms by smoothing the transition of lighting and identifying movement of animals within the scene. Only actual threats are triggered - providing end users with peace of mind.

Hikvision Thermal CCTV
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