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Security Installation Company
News and articles from inside the industry
NASIC members represent the backbone of the fire
and security industry, providing an in-depth
insight into the latest news and topics.
Security Companies
Latest articles from the industry
Standing at the forefront of fire and security innovation, our members move with changing times to keep our clients
at the cutting-edge of technology and British Standards. As a group, we work closely with manufacturers and
end users to refine our skills, quality control and product knowledge.
Security System News
Combining thermal cameras with Hikvision's deep learning technology
Hikvision's new range of thermal cameras blur the line between surveillance and fire detection. Using high quality components the new cameras capture bi-spectrum images, opening the door to enhanced capabilities to spot temperature anomalies.

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Security Installation Companies
Why have a wireless alarm over a wired system
With no wires involved, wireless alarms are much easy and simpler to use as well as costing less to install and offer better levels of reliability.
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Physical Data Protection
GDPR - is your business compliant and data secure?
When we look at data being kept safe and secure, the physical security of the data within the server and office PCs needs thorough thought. The physical security of the building and server room has to be the beginning of the overall strategy...
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Security Installation Companies
Why have a Hikvision Darkfighter system installed?
With crystal clear colour and monochrome images regardless of condition, the Hikvision Darkfighter series are the perfect solution to capture sharp images in low light conditions.
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Security Installation Companies
Top 5 benefits of using a Hikvision Platinum Partner
Working closely with their UK supply team, NASIC have forged strong alliances with the global giant and now hold over 39 Hikvision Platinum Partners within the group. 
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