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Intelligent PTZ Cameras


"Viseums Intelligent Moving Camera system is an Industry Breakthrough"

Installing a CCTV system is great but wouldn’t you be frustrated if that burglar you are trying to obtain simple walks past and the camera continue to film useless information like the area of your premises that isn’t currently being broken into. Viseums new technology is breaking through barriers in the security industry. Their Intelligent Moving Camera (IMC) CCTV system is the latest development in automated CCTV, realising the fields needs for a more intelligent system that not only gives you great overall CCTV coverage but high resolution moving cameras that provides quality close-up evidence. When suspicious movement is detected in an area covered by their intelligent camera array, al of the fixed contextual view cameras will automatically and constantly monitor all individuals, groups and cars in its field of view in their area of view whilst the PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) camera follows the particular chosen activity, zooming in keep a close ‘eye’.

Used in 3 different modes of operation, it can be CCTV control room integrated, re-deployable or re-locatable or as a remote standalone CCTV. Able to protect an area of up to 14 football pitches from just one box, Viseums IMC unit has a virtual CCTV operator that intelligently detects activity and controls the camera, whilst recording at the same time.

The IMC system has proven to be a real asset in the capture of evidence to carry out convictions and has reduced crime considerably in the areas that they have been deployed. With some installations publicised, it has been found that out of  7 installations, They have all captured 100% of the incidents that had been reported and all unreported incidents in the area. There were 3 ASBOs, 2 convictions, 6 cautions, 2 evictions, 2 proofs of false accusations, 1 ASBO terms enforcement and 1 compensation claim, all due to the help of Viseums IMCs.

Viseums IMC system has the advantage of effectively using public funds to save financially whilst improving the community peace of mind. Overall Viseum IMC captured over 57 unreported crimes that otherwise wouldn’t have been captured with any other manned or unmanned camera solution. With 24/7 CCTV infrastructures on covering the case area of 5 IMC installations, out of over 52 incidents caught by IMC systems, the 24/7 CCTV infrastructures missed all but one of those incidents, with the only incident being captured by CCTV operators accessing the Viseum IMC system to identify someone breaking their ASBO injunction.

Aiming to clear up at least 70% of all open space incidents in their covered area, reports has found that the IMC systems have achieved nearly 100% so far. Already making a significant impact on crime statistics, Viseums IMC has reduced crime in those areas to practically zero.
Set to save the United Kingdom £billions per year, its deployment throughout the country will ensure an extremely heightened level of crime detection and prevention, supporting and assisting local authorities a d law enforcement agencies.

With complete automatic operation and up to 7 cameras on any single unit, Viseum IMC's can supply at least 25% more court quality evidence then normal CCTV infrastructures can be created in an area that can be the size of 14 football pitches. Consistent monitoring if supplied in a range from 2 to 200 metres in any direction. Switching intelligently between events occurring at the same time, the IMC can handle multiple events and diversion tactics.


PTZ CCTV Cameras

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