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The Foundation of Your Security

Protecting your home doesn't stop at having a good burglar alarm, or even a CCTV system. One of the most effective ways of protecting your home is the simple addition of a good lock. There are a lot of different locks on the market and they do vary dramatically. For instance, the lock that is likely sitting in your uPVC door could be defeated by a burglar in less than ten seconds. Whereas the cost of replacing the lock with one that would keep out all but the most determined burglar would cost a fraction of your home insurance excess.

It is also partly psychological, a sturdy looking lock or robust door furniture (hinges, handles, etc) can deter a burglar. Of course if you need something more secure, there are the options for grilles, bars, shutters, or even steel doors.

One of the most overlooked options for home security is a good gate. That extra barrier is excellent for keeping casual thieves out, not to mention that if it is locked it provides you with some added defence at having your car driven off by someone else. Of course locking the gate can be inconvenient, so you may want to choose an automatic gate, something that doesn't have to cost much.

NASIC is the reliable solution for your physical security.

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